Audit on Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein Powder | Counterfeit King Mass, Pro-Antium & King Whey

The process to check whether the protein powder is genuine or fake is with few simple steps. First of all, you must check whether your protein powder must contain a safety seal or not. The safety seal must be blue in color and be holographic, if you look at the seal it would lit the place, and then it should emit rainbow-like colors. Secondly, the safety seal should have an "RC Ronnie Coleman Signature Series" printed onto the logo. Thirdly the logo should be the same as the picture, the place where the RC is printed look at the yellow crown which should be crooked. There should be also a R symbol where the RC logo is printed fake protein packages that don't contain this R symbol. The crown instead of crooked, it's straight. In Genuine Pro Antium, it contains four boxes that are printed in two variants thirty-gram protein with five protein sources, performance, and recovery. People who live outside of India may have this variant too of thirty gram high protein. And if we talk about the performance recovery drinkability RC logo and Pro Antium both are trademark symbols, in all places where this word is printed at the right side should be a small R symbol and if the product doesn't contain any R symbol then your product is fake.

Other ways to find a Genuine product

Ronnie Coleman's signature arrangement protein powder must be white in color but the fake protein powders are sold in a yellow color bottle. A Genuine protein package is entirely holographic i.e if you look at the bottle it would lit place and then it should emit rainbow-like colors if your bottle is looking dull or if your product isn't shining then your product is fake. Must also check the serving size as in genuine supplement package has a serving size in a rectangular rec box and if your serving size is missing then the product is fake and also check the old pro antium used to come in 5.6 lbs. To find the package is genuine or fake you must also check the weight old pro antium used to come in 5.6 lbs. Nowadays the new stock is available in two different sizes i.e five and ten pounds, and in India, there are mostly five flavors they are widely cookies and cream, double chocolate cookie strawberry, strawberry shortcake and vanilla wafer crisp and if your protein doesn't taste similar with any of the above protein supplement then your protein is fake. Before purchasing must check the address Developed exclusively by and manufactured for Ronnie Coleman Signature Series   Lake Mary Florida 32746 if your product some local Indian address present and doesn't contain any USA address then your product is fake.

Audit on Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein Powder | Counterfeit King Mass, Pro-Antium & King Whey

More ways to find the product is genuine or fake.

There would be a 12 digit bar code barcode at the bottom of the package printed in black ink, lot number, and expiration date. Ever note that the difference between the manufacturing date and expiration date should be three years which could easily found in the importer sticker and if all of this information is missing then your product is fake. The package should have crease marks like which all USA made tubs have. There should be also a recycle triangle, number two should be printed and under that HDPE should be printed. Its always recommended purchasing products from authorized importers is such because so that you don't waste your hard-earned money. There are two authorized importers in India like arena Impex Shree Balaji overseas genuine pro antium. Every protein packet has a white color inner seal must look at this seal very carefully as fake sellers majorly cut this inner seal and then they fill the fake protein powder in the original bottle where they take out original protein even if cheap protein powders are filled like with glucose powder which a waste of money. Genuine protein generally don't have clumps if you see that your product contains clumps it can be due to two major reasons like opened inner seal due to which moisture has got inside or otherwise your product may be near expiration.

Audit on Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein Powder | Counterfeit King Mass, Pro-Antium & King Whey

So, mixability may also decide whether the protein powder is genuine or fake. Here we have used one scoop of double chocolate cookie and on other hand have 250 ml water here. The mixability is good and as its chocolate cookie flavor the color is dark brown color, fake protein is yellow in color or black mixes quite well forming a thick shake beautiful mix and almost mixed. If I try to check the mix-ability there are no clumps formed, if I try to smell its smell good like chocolate cookies, it tastes very smooth with a crunch chocolate cookies look like clumps in the shake but its actually chocolate chips. If ever you feel that your protein powder is tasting like lemonade or glucose then the protein powder is fake. A genuine product must also have a good quality scoop which has 90cc and reiki printed, the scoop's handle should have a recycle triangle of having number five and pp should be printed and if your product has some cheap scoop then your product is fake.


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