Do ever whey protein gets expired?

 Do ever whey protein gets expired?

Dietary supplements are one of the popular supplement within the bodybuilders or fitness persons. Protein powders such as whey, soy, egg are the most chosen one. A dietary supplement like and whey and such still makes a difference in having the same if it's kept for a long into the kitchen. Here we would be discussing on do its safe to consume whey protein even after expiry - when and why?

What Protein powder offers?

Protein powders basically help to increase the protein intake in various forms conveniently and inexpensively. Thus most of the focus is given on the growth of muscle but according to the research protein powders also have other benefits too like fat loss, blood sugar stabilization, blood pressure control, and bone health.
Protein powder is made up of various types of protein sources like milk, soy, collagen, pea, rice, egg white. Maximum Protein powders basically contain any one source of protein but many protein powders also provide protein from different or multiple sources either to reduce cost or alter the absorption rate. Protein powder also comes up with many other nutrients, like fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, and also contains added flavors.

 Do ever whey protein gets expired?

What are the different types of protein powders?

Protein powders are a dietary supplement that comes from a different source of protein available which are several in forms. Protein powders are majorly used for building muscles, improve overall growth, and fulfill the essential protein and nutritional needs. Here are some of the great sources of plant protein.

1- Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the major recommended dietary supplements for muscle growth and maintenance between bodybuilders or fitness persons. Whey protein is made up of milk, a byproduct in the cheese-making process. Whey protein is usually high in protein and nutrients but is also harbors lactose which is quite difficult to digest by many people.

2- Casein protein

Casein is one of the slow digestive protein powder which helps to reduce muscle breakdown by increase the growth of muscle mass and also helps in fat loss during calorie restriction. 

3- Egg protein

Egg protein is found to be the best alternative in protein source after whey. Egg protein is high in quality and also easier to gets digested although it may not help you in keeping full.

4- Pea protein

Pea protein is one of the best alternatives to animal-based protein and a great source of protein. Pea protein can help to promote fullness and increase muscle mass.

5- Hemp protein

Hemp protein is also a plant-based protein available, its basically rich in omega 3s and seems to be easily digested but it is low in lysine and leucine amino acids.

Is it safe to have expired protein powder?

If we talk about the expiration of protein powders manufactures doesn't need an expiration date on the product. According to the research whey protein is found to have a shelf-life of more than 12 -19 months under normal room temperature (21°C) similarly when whey protein is stored at stressful conditions (35°C) its seemed to have a shelf-life of 9 months. Hence, the suggested self-life of whey protein is quite similar to as with other protein sources if kept under the same conditions. And even there are many protein powders with additives which give an increase in shelf life, such as maltodextrin, lecithin, and salt by around 2 years.

 Do ever whey protein gets expired?

Actually, protein powders are in low moisture i.e they are less in bacterial growth. However, whey protein doesn't effect just after the expiry but the protein contact decreases accordingly. 
Symptoms that helps to figure out protein powder has gone bad is when it gives a rancid smell, changes in color or bitter taste and any one of it is preferable to throw out as it could make you sick.

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Protein powders are one of the well known popular dietary supplements preferred by many bodybuilders or fitness persons. Although according to the research protein powders are claimed to have a shelf-life of 9-19 months many other manufactures claimes to have a life span of 2 years because of the added preservatives. Taking protein powder after expiry is quite safe unless it shows any sign of gone bad.

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