Does whey protein cause acne?

Does whey protein cause acne?

Yes, whey protein may cause acne.
Whey protein is one of the best known and preferable dietary supplements by every bodybuilder or fitness person. Acne may cause by everything starting from skincare products to stress.

How does whey protein powder cause acne?

Actually, this happens because whey protein is a dairy product i.e milk, and milk contains both whey and casein protein as its very common ingredient in many whey protein powders. Whey is found to be the main faulty in this case because whey protein increases the production of the hormone namely insulin-like growth factor 1 or igf-1. Whey protein may also trigger the production of androgens or hormones which work by overstimulating oil glands which can clog up to your pores and would possibly lead to breakouts.

Milk protein can also mess with the ability to process blood sugar efficiently which causes inflammation. Milk protein may also increase the sebum, and the oil which is produced in sebum gland leads in acne. 

Whey protein which contains added sugar can also be a reason for increasing IGF-1 levels, therefore personals who are prone to acne are recommended to avoid whey protein powders with added sugar.

Even if there also are some ingredients that may result in breakout worse, like if sim milk is added with whey protein it would be compounding the problem its such because sim milk contains extra protein as compared to regular milk as basically added to improve its taste and fitness.

Does whey protein cause acne?

Do you need to quite a whey protein?

If you ever feel that whey protein is the cause of the acne or breakout it's better to avoid for the time being. Although you might not have to quite whey protein powder might cut for the time being.

People suffering from acne problem may try non-dairy protein sources like pea protein, hemp, or collagen protein instead, even if there are protein powders which are made up of the same.
Athletes may also face acne problems due to re-wearing athletic wear, using a dirty towel, or like sharing helmets, etc.

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