Currently, ASITIS Whey Protein is one of the best selling whey protein powder in India. At the same time, fake sellers have started targeting the whey protein industry due to its high demand. Here is some discussion which would help you understand the difference between fake and original whey protein supplement.

1- Hologram

ASITIS Whey Protein has a hologram in which it is written as  ASITIS from the source. If you properly watch the hologram into the light you would get to know that the hologram emits rainbow in color. Whenever you purchase, must keep in mind that the product must contain both side safety marks and if the safety mark is absent then the product might have some problem.

2- Color of packaging

During the purchase, you must have a look onto the color of the package its orange in color and If the packaging color is red, yellow, or pink or something like that then your product might have some problem.

3- Authentication code

Every ASITIS Whey Protein contains a scratch code having a hologram on to it and If this scratch code is visible before you have ever scratched i.e if the 5 digit pin is visible then the product is fake. Also if your product doesn't contain any QR-Code or QR-Code and cannot be scanned then the product might have some problem.

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More ways to verify the product -

At the beginning of the process check the weight of the package as Ascites whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate is available in only 3 weights. 250 gms 500 gms, and 1000 gms and if your weight doesn't fit the same then your product is fake. The product must contain a 12-digit bar code because at the time of billing the shopkeepers scans the product during checkout. Also, there should always be a tagline "From the source" wherever there are both sites and the logo is present. Also, you must look at the product carefully as there shouldn't be any spelling mistakes and there shouldn't be any grammatical errors either. You must also check the address of the product, which should be Sundar Industrial Estate, N.T.Y. Layout, Mysore Road, Bangalore. Each and every original ASITIS whey protein contains a white color scoop under the bottom of which is written "ASITIS" along with the logo and if you see that your product contains some cheap-looking scoop then your product is fake. If you are opening ASITIS pouch for the first time and you found clumps into the product is fake.

Steps to verify your product through Letsverify -

Letsverify application is available in both ios and playstore ,firstly you must have the application into your mobile then tap click to Scan QR Next, scan the QR code printed at the neck of the protein powder. After that you have to enter 5 digit scratch code then tap OK You would get the results immediately.

ASITIS whey protein's mixability-

ASITIS whey protein powder is great in mixability for an example if I have 1 scoop of ASITIS whey protein concentrate and 300ml of water and mix it well for a while. Here we preferred plain water is because plan water is more preferable by maximum bodybuilders or fitness person as a post-workout shake and Obviously if you use a shaker or a blender it will be a faster process. After mixing it for 10-15 sec we found that the product is a little bit sticking to sides of the glass but that's totally normal ASITIS it's mostly unflavored even if it doesn't taste in spite of the fact if you ever drank powdered milk in hot water it tastes almost like the same. So it's not so bad but if you prefer flavor want to add some flavored then you might add some flavored bcaa .


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