Do whey protein powder cause bloating | Side effects of Whey protein?

Do whey protein shakes cause bloating | Side effects of Whey protein?

Whey protein is one of the popular and successful dietary supplements available into the market. Whey protein powder is always found and suggested by various trainers available. Inspite having numerous health benifit whey protein powder also faces various criticism like some claims that maximum use of whey may damage kidneys and liver and can also cause osteoporosis.

What is bloating?

Bloating happens when your stomach is filled up with gas or air. Actually abdominal bloating is such a situation where the personal continuously fell full or packed with water or air. It occurs ,when you feel like gastrointestinal is filled with gas and there is tightness all over the stomach area.

Do whey protein shakes cause bloating | Side effects of Whey protein?

Different types of whey protein?
There are only three types of protein
Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate
Whey protein hydrolysate

Whey protein concentrate- Its such type of protein which provides upto 70-80% of protein and its commonly used by every bodybuilders and fitness person and has more of lactose ,fat & minerals from milk.

Whey protein isolate-- Its such type of protein which contains more than 90% of protein, its lactose free and contain less of minerals.

Whey protein hydrolysate- Whey protein hydrolysed is one of the unique types of whey protein into the market which is processed through the same like as the concentrate and isolate but the main difference comes with the enzymes which breaks the protein.

Do whey protein shakes cause bloating | Side effects of Whey protein?
Do whey protein cause digestive issues?

Inspite of having numerous health benifit most of the side effects the people face is of digestion. There are some people those who face problem in digesting whey protein and which results  in bloating, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea etc. This is all because of the lactose intolerance ,as  lactose is the main carb in whey protein ,there are many who fails to produce enough lactase enzyme as its responsible to digest lactose.
And if there's any one suffering from the same can choose whey isolate or many other protein powders such as egg protein powder, pea protein powder. 

Do whey protein cause kidney damage?
There is no scientifically proven documents that whey protein cause kidney damage. Overall high protein diet may raise pressure into the kidneys and force to filter more amount of blood but it never be a case of kidney damage . But It would be a case for those who already have kidney disease ,the major suggestion would be to consult a doctor before choosing any whey protein supplement.

Do whey protein shakes cause bloating | Side effects of Whey protein?

Do whey protein cause liver damage?
There is too no scientifically proven documents that liver damage due to high protein diet. Even if liver itself needs protein to recover itself and convert fats to lipoproteins. Whey protein also helps in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol for appx 15 and 7% in compared to a normal or an average person. But if any personal is suffering from cirrhosis (chronic liver disease) high protein diet may harm them ,as in chronic disease the liver doesnot work properly so having high protein may increase the ammonia levels into the blood which can damage the brain,so suggested is any one having liver problem must consult doctor first.

How much protein should we take ?
Whey protein itself has numerous health benifit so it can be consumed by many general people without any side effects. Whey protein are usually suggested with either 1-2 scoops per average person i.e 20-25g. Unlikely if someone takes more whey protein wouldn't get more benifit if he/she takes enough protein into there diet. And if anyone experience like bloating, gas, cramps or diarrhea after taking whey protein, they preferable would be to switch to the  other alternatives present into the market .

Hence whey protein is safe and can take without any side effects. The max is if you fell any digestive symptoms likely with lactose intolerance or alergy with cow's milk, they may alternate with other protein source like egg protein ,pea protein powder etc. Result ,whey protein is one of the best and proven dietary supplement into the market with numerous benifit like starting from improving strength and muscle building to recovery and weight loss.


Is there any side effects taking whey protein good for senior female and does it make one put on weight if have no any exercise?
The fundamental motivation to put on weight is a result of calorie surplus eating routine , and for this situation in the event that the individual doesn't have any current sensitivity or infection, at that point she can take any marked suppliment as indicated by the bundle.

As it is is no doubt a good and trusted protein, and any individual can trust it ?.
As it is no uncertainty a decent and confided in protein, and any individual can confide in it .

If whey protein is consumed and after half an hour paneer is eaten will it have any side effects.
Never, as both are the best high-protein source. You gain muscles or free fat absolutely relies upon the quantity of calories you consumption every day. The maximum you can do is to take paner as a morning meal.

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